How to choose a sofa

A sofa is one of the main and expensive interior items in every home. This is a multifunctional furniture, which daily has a serious load. Choosing a quality, beautiful and practical sofa is not an easy task. After all, it is necessary to evaluate not only its appearance and dimensions, which should harmoniously complement the interior and comply with the parameters of the room, but also the functional characteristics and reliability of the design.

A good sofa is ...

  1. Durability: for the sofa to last as long as possible, you should choose a model with a reliable and well-dried wood frame, as well as a high level of build quality. Only then will it please you for many years, retain its original appearance throughout its entire service life, will not deform, and will not creak over time.
  2. Convenience: choosing a good sofa that will be used as a sleeping place or as a place to relax in front of the TV and communicate with guests is a completely different task. But in any case, the model should be comfortable. If the sofa is too hard or soft for you, you run the risk of facing many problems: back pain, muscle discomfort, insomnia, etc.
  3. Easy to operate: some sofas can be folded out or have a box for linen: which one is better for you to decide based on personal preferences, but before you buy the model you like, test the mechanism. Does it work without failures and does not jam? Fine! It will be convenient and easy for you to use it!
  4. Functionality: when choosing a sofa, pay attention to such additional options as removable armrests, built-in bars, sofa cushions in the kit. Additional functionality, of course, is reflected in the price, but makes upholstered furniture more convenient in daily use.

From the history
At the beginning of the XX century in Europe, the staff of the furniture company "Abramson" was the position of "sunbed". The duties of this employee included lying on the sofas, determining the level of their comfort, testing their softness and other performance characteristics, finding flaws in the design. Such work was paid no less than the work of other workers. 

How to choose a quality sofa?

When deciding which sofa to choose for the living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen, office and any other room, you must first evaluate the following characteristics:


This is the base of the sofa. The life of the material depends on the material it is made of. The metal frame is reliable and very durable. Most often, it is used to make high-tech sofas. No less reliable is furniture with a frame made of natural wood (oak, beech, mahogany, etc.). But such designs are not cheap. Chipboards are much more affordable - they hold their shape well and are completely safe. But in order for the sofa to last longer, you need to choose a model with a frame only from that chipboard, which is covered with a protective layer and has a bolt or “thorn groove” connection of parts.


Manufacturers of sleeping and other types of sofas often use artificial materials such as foam and foam as fillers. Quite often, spring blocks are used. The main criterion for choosing a filler is the purpose of the sofa. If you buy it mainly for sleep, it is better to stay on models with spring blocks. Such designs are not only convenient, but very durable and have high orthopedic properties. Sofas with foam filling are hypoallergenic; they are soft and comfortable. But with daily use they wear out quickly. Those who want to keep the sofa from selling out over time and at the same time maintain softness should choose products with a “filling” from a material such as latex foam. Thanks to its many micro-cells, it “breathes”, has an orthopedic effect and lasts for decades.

It is important to know!
A good sofa filler “adjusts” to the contours of the body, but after you get up, it quickly takes its former position.


The most expensive is considered upholstered furniture made of leather. It has its advantages: high resistance to abrasion, mechanical, chemical and UV exposure, protection against moisture. No less practical, but much cheaper than models with leatherette upholstery. But the most popular are fabrics such as chenille, jacquard and tapestry. It is they who are chosen as upholstery for a sofa for every day, since such materials reliably protect furniture and practically do not concede to their skin in terms of strength and aesthetic characteristics. The main thing is that the same material is used both on the front of the product and on the back, and all the seams should be even and neat.


Do you plan to lay out the sofa from time to time? Or will you sleep on it every night? When choosing a sofa for the house, you must definitely pay maximum attention to how it is laid out. Modern manufacturers produce models equipped with several types of sliding mechanism: “Book”, “Click-gag”, “Dolphin”. “Eurobook”, “Clamshell”, “Accordion”, a sofa with folding sidewalls or with a sliding berth. These are irreplaceable options in the limited space of a small apartment. All of them are reliable and withstand numerous cycles of addition-decomposition.

Design Tips

A sofa in any room should become its decoration and the subject of pride of the owners. If the interior of the room is made in the Art Nouveau or high-tech style, then it is better to choose a sofa in bright colors and with clear geometric lines. Is the room design classic? A round-shaped model with a fabric upholstery in neutral tones is suitable. They made a Scandinavian-style living room and don’t know which sofa is better to choose? With these interiors, only products of regular shapes with plain light upholstery are in harmony. But in rooms with a design in the Provence style, models with floral patterns of any classic or modern form will look good. Having difficulty choosing a design? Choose a sofa that has a simple shape and plain upholstery. You can always add brightness to it and harmoniously fit into the interior, putting a beautiful coffee table next to it or adding pillows.